Dr. Carolin Sonne studied medicine at Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Thereafter she worked at the University Hospitals of Chicago (3 years) and Munich (8 years), where she obtained the Certifications in Internal Medicine (2007) and Cardiology (2012). During giat2pthis time she specialized in the fields of Echocardiography, Heart Failure and Interventional Cardiology (Certification by the German Society of Cardiology). She was director of the Echocardiography Laboratory and the Heart Failure Clinic, as well as senior attending physician in the Heart Catheter Laboratory at German Heart Center of Technical University Munich. The 11 years of clinical work at University Hospitals with international reputation gave Dr. Sonne a broad clinical expertise in all aspects of modern cardiology, including the diagnostic and interventional therapy of coronary and structural heart disease. Parallel to the clinical work she conducted intensive research in various fields of Cardiology (for the specific topics see the CV) and taught medical students at the Technical University Munich. Moreover Dr. Sonne participated in a number of international scientific congresses presenting the results of her research and published several papers in medical Journals.

Now Dr. Sonne works in her own practice for Cardiology in Maroussi, Athens and as Interventional Cardiologist at the hospitals Iatriko Kentro Maroussi, Hygeia Hospital, Mediterraneo Hospital Glyfada and German Heart Center Munich.

Languages: Dr. Sonne speaks German, Greek, English and intermediate French and Italian.